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Judge and jury

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       motion to hold without bond


Part 1     Part 2    Part 3


Some of these were exhibits at the pre-trial motion and some were described so I'm posting them now. Click below for links

Arm bruise     Arm bruising 2    Bruising 3     Neck    Knife     Serrated Knife from Kitchen    Cut Screen   Couch   Footprint   Backyard    Gate (open in pic but closed that night)    Utility Room     Kitchen Sink    Layout of house (blood mapping)   Map of neighborhood 




opening statements and prosecution first couple witnesses


Prosecution Opening      Defense Opening     Joni McClain      Janice Townsend-Parchman     William Gorusch  David Waddell   


Autopsy of Devon Routier    Autopsy of Damon Routier     Neighborhood Map     Internal Structures of Neck      Carotid Sheath     Layout of House    Darlie in Hospital    Flowers on Coffee Table  Darlie's shirt     Knife on Counter     Towel 1    Towel 2     Towel 3    Towel 4    Towel 5


Episode 105  Trial Testimony Pt 2


Officer Walling      Dean Poos     Barry Dickey      Dr Santos      Dr Dillawn  

Nurse Fitts    Nurse Weilgosz   Officer Jackson    Nurse Cotner     


Blood in Utility Room      Family Room w/TV     Butcher Block     Coffee Table      Bruising on Hands          Neck Wound     Window     Window 2     Arm Bruise     Large Bruise


Episode 106 trial testimony 3


Dianne Hollon      Paige Campbell    Denise Faulk    Officer Ward    Gustavo Guzman Jr    Officer Wade    Officer Ferrie     Paramedic Kolbye     Paramedic Koshack       

nurse notes

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episode 107 Evidence!

Byford   Hamilton   Mayne

meet ups

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hemospat software

We're working to raise funds to purchase a special discounted edition of Hemospat software. It's an incredible Crime Scene Analysis tool that would be so helpful in our case studies. 

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We are judge and jury


Based out of South Carolina, we are a group of true crime junkies who have been obsessed with certain cases for many years. We've decided to take our show on the road, and share our findings with you, our listeners.


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